Envolve leads ambitious Brands through the stylistic transformation of their products and the creation of a totally new style.
Absorbing the market’s evolutions while preserving the Brand Identity is one of our main distinctive traits, which is embedded in our product design approach.

The incessant research for innovation, together with the multisectoral expertise we own, guarantees a unique and competitive product.
Like its Brand is.

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design_methodNews4D design method: from dream to design

Methodology stands as the foundation for innovation. That's why our blend of design and engineering competencies leads to the realisation of winning products. The effectiveness of mixing design and engineering goes through our 4D Method. This methodo...

feasibility_product_designNewsFeasibility: the first and last step for designing

Transforming brilliant ideas into winning products is possible. Feasibility is the ultimate keystone to combine design and engineering. Feasibility is much more than a design process stage. It is an essential factor for products development. Sometimes ...

ergonomics_product_designNewsErgonomics: the comfort zone in product design

What if comfort zone would be the best synonym for ergonomics? Within the world of product design, ergonomics represents a field of study that supports designers towards the realisation of unique products. Great design rises from ergonomics, which ease...